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Rain, rain go away...

Anyone who has been in Cambodia during the wet season knows what the storms can be like here. The rain comes hard, heavy and fast, sometimes with little to no warning. I'll openly admit one of the thunderstorms was so loud I woke up in the middle of the night and for the first time in a while wished for my mum!

Well, in the past few weeks Cambodia has suffered. Almost every road flooded. I did film my usual journey to ABCs but I'll only share with you the pictures because I was narrating the video very badly trying not to think about what was in the water.

Happy smiling faces even as they wade through the shallow areas of water. Most of these kids homes had flooded but they kept smiling and helping me push my bike to school. Help to them was sitting on the bike and making me push them and the bike through the thigh high floods.

Sadly the level of these waters did mean we had to make the very difficult decision to close ABCs and Rice for a couple of days.

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