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After many years of dreaming about opening a food bank at ABCs and Rice, in 2019 it finally became a reality! 


“No one has ever become poor from giving"

Anne Frank

With thanks to Stichting Doenkers in Belgium, we were able to add a new building to ABCs and Rice to get our food bank off the ground.


This food bank means that we are able to provide extra support to the families most in need in the surrounding villages. Each week, the families are able to come and choose from a variety of items including clothes, housewares and hygiene items, as well as getting food staples such as rice, eggs, vegetables, bread, canned goods and oils and sauces to cook with. 


We have partnered with several businesses in Siem Reap who each week provide us with the supplies to be able to support these families. If you own a business in the Siem Reap area and would like to get involved and help us widen our network of support, please get in touch via the contact form or through our Facebook page.

Thanks to our current donors:

  • Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel

  • La Pasta

  • Baystone Resort

  • WILD Creative Bar & Eatery

  • Paris Bakery

  • Amici Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

  • Star Bar


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