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Strategic Highlights

A large part of the 2014 strategy was to expand the Full Belly Farm to provide further support to the families attending ABCs and Rice. Very soon, there will be sufficient produce to start to draw a small income, to further support these families.


Operating Highlights


In the last 12 months ABCs and Rice has continued to support the local villages by way of:

  • educating its 160 students

  • providing employment for 6 Khmer teaching staff, 1 project manager, 1 community liaison, 2 cooks, 1 cleaner and 2 staff at Full Belly Farm

  • providing medical clinics for the local villagers

  • receiving playground equipment providing the important element of fun to the students (and teachers/staff)

  • seeing some of the first students graduate into post-secondary education



Looking Ahead


The next 12 months are a crucial pivoting point to the following goals:


Continued empowerment of staff to enable complete handover to the Khmer staff as founders move on to building the second school.


Continuing improvements to the curriculum and significant changes are planned for 2015.


Commence a new governing board to monitor the graduating students in their post-secondary education. The board will consist of parents and local community members.



Tammy Pomroy

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