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May 2018 at ABCs and Rice

May 2018 at ABCs and Rice

It has been another amazing month at ABCs and Rice. With visits from lots of fantastic people and some exciting things happening! We can't wait to tell you all about it!

University of Redlands, 2018 Cambodia trip This month brought with it the yearly visit from the University of Redlands. This year a team of 8 students settled quickly into ABCs life and helped our teachers out in so many different ways.

Every few months we like to have a sports day and give every child the chance to try lots of new and different sports! This month the lovely Redlands team planned and organised many different events such as a sack race, hoop-la, tight rope walking and water balloon catching.

The day was a huge success with lots of fun, games and prizes for everyone. As we are in Cambodia it was only appropriate for the day to end in a huge water fight as everyone succumbed to the heat of the day!

While they were with us the students also all came together and painted our huge white wall! We now have this incredible space which reminds students that they can be whatever they want to be and provides inspiration with all sorts of jobs! Special thank you to Makenna and Becky who spent almost all of their two weeks here designing and painting this masterpiece!

Rosy's Quiz Night We were lucky enough to be thought of by one of our favourite venues this May and they hosted a pub quiz on our behalf! Amazing hosts Matt and Ada were on top form with questions that made even the best of us scratch our heads! An amazing $463.25 was raised on the night and we can't say a thank you big enough to everyone involved! Watch our facebook page for upcoming events or email us for help in organising one of your own!

Exam time! That's right, it's everyone's favourite time of year... exams! Teachers and students alike have been preparing and studying hard and now its time to prove themselves! Good luck to everyone involved in exams and big big thank you to Julie, Cloé and Charlotte, our amazing volunteers who are getting all exams done quickly and efficiently - we couldn't do it without you!

May wasn't as crazy as usual month's at ABCs and Rice but we all still had an amazing time and continued to be the change! We're excited to see what types of madness June brings with it! Thank you to everyone who has visited, donated, supported and loved us this month! Can you come and volunteer and maybe be a feature in one of next newsletters? Email us now at to find out how! Want to donate? Visit to find out how!

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