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Volunteering at ABCs and Rice - Bryce's experience.

If I could use an image to explain what is to be volunteer, I would say that it's to give one thousand and receive one billion. Whatever your talent or the skills you have, we all can be useful and help, it doesn't matter the type of volunteering you chose.

But I have to confess, work at ABC's was

one of the best chances which has ever been given to me.

Why? Because children are endless producers of joy,

love and happiness. Indeed, despite their tough lives

and all that has happened to them, I've never seen smiles more beautiful than theirs.

There are more than just children at ABCs. There are also a wonderful staff who give all they have for the good and the education of the kids. They are a real example both for the students and for us volunteers. Bless you Cha!

Thank you children, we will never let your smile down from our memory. You have our trust because we know you'll be what you want to be.

And a huge respect for the first ABC's' volunteer, who gave all she had for her dream of giving them a better life. Thank you Tammy for all you've done and all you'll do.

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