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One year later....

It’s the update you’ve all been waiting for… how is ABCs just over a year after the big move?

Well, what a year it has been! We’ve said hellos, we’ve said goodbyes and we’ve had lots of fun in between.

The ground is no longer a mud pit but a safe area to play with sand laid down and concrete painted with all your favourite playground games (who remembers hopscotch and snakes and ladders?) The kids love it, since its completion a few months ago there hasn’t been a single break time where the kids aren’t playing on it.

We have a football pitch! What was once overgrown weeds, taller than most of the ABCs kids is now an awesome football pitch (or soccer field, sorry English person here!) and thanks to a recent donation of 20 footballs we can really make the most of this area and the kids can have the most fantastic time.

To complement the football field and concrete play area, we brought the playground with us! This play area was donated to us many years ago by a wonderful group of students and so we obviously could not leave it behind.

Drinking water straight from a tap? In Cambodia? You must be joking! No, I’m not, we now have drinking water on tap! A great invention installed on the school grounds now means if someone cycles they pull water out of the ground and it is run through a filtration system and by the time it reaches the tap you can drink it!

We've begun setting up our sensory zone for educational playing, this will help support cognitive growth, language development, motor skills and so much more... can you can guess what's hiding inside the rice?

So so so much more that I couldn’t include all in one blog post, but with more exciting things happening every day there will be so much more to fill you all in on very soon.

Thank you to all our donors, volunteers, believers, teachers and friends who have made the last year possible. We couldn’t have done it without you! xxx

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