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We're Moving!

If you haven't heard - WE'RE MOVING! (Insert wide variety of intense emotions here).

We have known for a while we would be moving this year as we had to move off the current site by Jan 2017. After a few let-downs we found a new location just 500 metres along from the current location on the same road. So in April, our holiday month, we started the move.

The classrooms have been dismantled and will be refurbished (given a necessary rust-removal and re-rust-proofing) before being relocated. We can't take the office with us so plans were drawn up for a new office with library and toilet facilities for staff and kids. The office is about two weeks into construction, with an estimated two more weeks to completion.

Pictured below is the office as of May 5th, and the office as of yesterday. Progress is happening!

Thankfully, the playing field/kitchen/farm are unaffected by the move and breakfast and lunch will continue here for now.

This obviously means we won't (can't!) resume regular classes for a few more weeks.

It also means a very expensive time for us, paying for labour to move the buildings, not to mention the new building costs and all the other ancillary costs like water, electricity and internet - the list is growing!

If you would like to help us out with the cost of this move, please look here at options for donations. Every little bit is greatly appreciated!

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