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Merry Christmas from ABCs!

For a couple of weeks now at ABCs and Rice, we've been getting into the joy of the season. The play ground has been abuzz with singing and excitement about what this year's Christmas celebration would look like.

As always, we had a huge lunch to feed the whole village, with games and even the big man himself - Cha Tom! Well, Cha Tom in a furry red Santa suit.

Braving the Santa outfit is admirable at the best of times, but considering the extreme Cambodian heat Tom really put the "Saint" in "St. Nick" by donning the fleecy getup.

The festivities this year included watermelon eating contests, bobbing for apples, and a bouncy house which is always a crowd favourite!

Everyone filled their bellies with curry and baguettes, catered courtesy of our friends at Pack the Essentials - Siem Reap. A big thank you goes out to all the volunteers who helped make our Christmas celebration a success.

Photo cred goes out to Kristie Chan

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