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Innovation in Rice Transportation

As you may or may not know, ABCs and Rice provides both education (ABCs) and food (Rice) to children, as part of an incentive to keep the kids coming back to school. This means for one day every two weeks - Rice Day - the volunteers and staff spend a chunk of their day dividing 6 kg portions of rice into plastic bags for them to take home to their families. While undoubtedly happy to be bringing home food to their families, carrying 6 kg of rice as 16 kg munchkin yourself is not easy.

However, thanks to one of our very clever and generous volunteers, the Canadian Sandra Garofolo, this task just got a whole lot easier. Sandra designed, commissioned and paid for 180 custom rice backpacks (!) and yesterday they were used for the first time.

It was a BIG success, as even fully loaded, the little ones seemed to manage much better. Thank you so much Sandra for this incredible initiative!

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