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ABC's and Rice Bike Ride

On the 22nd of February some very brave souls made an epic 600 kilometre bicycle ride from Siem Reap to the Thailand border and back to raise funds for ABCs and Rice school in Siem Reap.

Seven incredibly dedicated supporters of ABCs and Rice; including founder Tammy Pomroy and project manager Long Chhut, went on this crazy adventure. Long had never ridden a bike before! So his was the steepest learning curve, but as project manager for ABCs, he said it as his duty to be involved.

Amongst the rest of the crew were long time and short time volunteers of the school and the sports program manager from Globalteer. They had a small support crew, which came in handy as there were a number of blown tires throughout the journey.

The riding team returned to Siem Reap and rolled into ABCs and Rice school to a thunderous welcome back from the students. Later that night the local community joined them in a fundraising party and all of the riders were present except poor Long who went straight into recovery mode.

This epic adventure raised a huge $5,925 for ABCs and Rice; which goes into the running costs of the school, breakfast club and Full Belly Farm. See our Donate page to download our full list of programs.

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