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In celebration of First News's 500th issue, and Founder Sarah Thomson's visit to ABCs and Rice we have joined forces with young readers EVERYWHERE  to support the children on ABCs and Rice. Our aim is to give 500 Cambodian children access to FOOD, EDUCATION, and MEDICAL help.


By taking part in this initiative; with your class or family, you will be supporting a specific child through ABCs and Rice.


As part of your sponsorship, you will receive a brief biography of your sponsored child, be part of a letter and painting exchange, plus your sponsored child will invite your class or family to join an online video call.


Your child will be secured in continued education and support at ABCs and Rice.


Our goal is to get 500 children sponsored. For just £180, which you could raise through a Cambodia 500 Mufti Day or a cake sale at your school, you can ensure that your child is clothed, cared for, educated and fed for an entire year.


They will know that you think they are very special and deserve a chance to "be what they want to be".

Please remember to add Gift Aid when applicable, as this will provide further support to a child in need. 

Thank you. You ARE making a difference.


Yes! My class wants to sponsor a child for £180.


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