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Supporting the children of Cambodia

ABCs and Rice provides a much-needed free education in English and Khmer, while also offering various food programs to nourish the children’s bodies and minds.

Access to education in Cambodia comes at a cost, perhaps small by western standards, but often unattainable to the impoverished in the region.  ABCs and Rice recognizes education as a basic human right and understands that it can be the key to breaking the cycle of poverty.

ABCs and Rice offers free education, nutrition and healthcare to children of Siem Reap Cambodia in the Sala and Kroligne Village areas. At times, it is also a safe-haven for children otherwise vulnerable to child labour, neglect and in some cases abuse.

Often families will struggle to send all or some of their children to school due to overbearing poverty, especially in the villages. In some instances economics outway their desire for their children to be educated.


ABCs and Rice understands this challenge and works with the local village chiefs to target the families in the most need by offering them a place at the school. This in turn gives the family access to the rice program. 


ABCs and rice takes a holistic view of education and community empowerment. To hear the full story go About Us.

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