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Full Belly Farm consists of; a large scale fish farm, a growing chicken coop capable of housing up to 700 chickens, banana trees and large vegetable patches. It employs local people and teaches them the skills to completely run the farm, as well as equips them with a sustainable social enterprise scheme. The plan is based, not only on the nutritional requirements of the children at ABCs and Rice, but also on the knowledge that Cambodia’s current agricultural methods reduce it to the lowest food producer per capita within ASEAN (Association of SE Asian Nations).


The main goals for the farm are to:


  • Alleviate food costs in Breakfast Club and Food Drops/Reverse Tuition Programs

  • Increase nutritional value in current food programs

  • Add sustainability to the Food and Education programs

  • Act as an experimental site, with the goal of improving local agricultural methods

  • Become a training facility for rural farmers Perhaps most importantly , this project aims to become a model of sustainability and a pilot project which can be replicated and implemented in other locations further into rural Cambodia, across the underdeveloped regions of South East Asia and throughout the developing world to help those who are hungry and uneducated, well into the future.


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