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ABCs and Rice Australia are looking for enthusiastic potential and former volunteers to continue to spread the gospel of all the incredible work Tammy and the team at ABCs and Rice Cambodia do, down under. If you are interested in fundraising, volunteering, promoting a fundraiser, or just wanting to connect with likeminded former volunteers, get in touch via our Facebook page:

About Us

In 2013, a group of Australians were sitting in a café in Siem Reap, Cambodia. These people were together due to a common love and belief for a local NGO called ABCs and Rice, founded by Canadian, Tammy Pomroy.

This group decided there was value in starting an incorporated organisation in Australia. Some of them were Australian and they knew there were a lot of volunteers associated with the school also from Australia, this seemed like a good opportunity to maintain the connection with Australians and the school in Cambodia. The aims of the organisation would be based around raising awareness of ABCs within Australia and also acting as a fund-raising arm for ABCs and Rice.

The first meeting was held in August 2013, electing office-bearers, and work began on becoming incorporated and acquiring a bank account. The committee was formed and up until April 2016 many of the original members continued to play a vital role.

Some fantastic fundraising initiatives have taken place, including the creation of a calendar of photos from ABCs. Australian volunteer and photographer Jak Woolgar, from Perth, spent three months at ABCs in 2014, and took a wide range of stunning photos. He was kind enough to allow us access to these shots and ABCs and Rice Australia developed a colourful and happy calendar with all profits going to ABCs and Rice. This is just one story of many that Australians have shared with ABCs and Rice and Cambodia.

As of April 2016, ABCs and Rice Australia held a meeting for the Official Notice of a Special Resolution, where the members elected for the group to discontinue as an incorporated organisation, to make it more effective to streamline the process by which donations could be made to ABCs and Rice. The group will now exist in an informal capacity as a means to recruit potential volunteers, a meeting place for past volunteers, and as a brains trust to help create funds and awareness for ABCs and Rice back in Australia.

A massive thanks to the founding members Vivien Griffin, Ros and Pete Raynes, Rachel Woodgate, Tom Orr, Tammy Pomroy (nee Durand) and Monica Butler. Your passion and volition have set up a wonderful committee of like-minded people achieving great things.

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